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Boys AAU Basketball | (4th-8th Grade)

Here at Pro-Fit, we are seeking to revolutionize and streamline the AAU/ Club basketball experience. By creating a true one-stop shop, for every facet of the sport.
One location, for everything.


2024 MD Swish Summer Basketball

Every single member of the MD Swish will have weekly skill development nights available to them, all year round, led by ex professional players. These workouts will ONLY be available to members of MD Swish Basketball, where we address the following:

  • NBA Level Skill Work & Attacks
  • Shooting Form Correction
  • Small Group Work

Every member of the program will also get practice time here at Pro-Fit, directly following individual skill work on the same weeknight with their Coach. 

Your child will be fresh, ready to compete, and eager to try their new ideas out against live competition in practice, to maximize retention of the skills.

No more bouncing around to a different school/ gym every week.

All Tryouts will be held at Pro-Fit, several times a year. Also, direct invitations to join the club, based on performance in small group/ private lessons held here, will also be given out when your child impresses.

Your Child Will:


Additional information


For the Summer session, we expect to hold one weekly session (combined skills and training) at our Pro-Fit Maryland facility! We are also looking to add a second session each week, at a nearby Montgomery County Public School.
Yes! We are starting with our boys team for now, but will most definitely expand and include girls teams in the future. If you are on our current mailing list, you will receive any updates about future MD Swish girls teams, tryouts, and schedules.
At this time, we will only be focusing in Maryland for the Swish program.
Absolutely! We have a number of goals with MD Swish and expect our teams to grow together and compete for championships. We also recognize that kids of all skill levels love basketball. MD Swish, and Pro-Fit, have a place for kids of all skill levels to compete, learn and train to meet their goals within MD Swish!
We wanted to make sure that our teams had enough players to be competitive, while also making sure that each player has a chance to earn ample playing time on the court during games.
We expect our MD Swish teams to compete for championships each season. To that end, it will be up to each coach to determine playing time. There will be a number of factors that are considered each game that will determine a player’s playing time including practice participation and attendance, team matchups, individual matchups and more.

We want ALL of our players to improve throughout the season, so that they are ready for increased competition. To that end, if a coach is short on players for an upcoming game/tournament, the MD Swish Director will coordinate with the coaches and Development League to identify players who are able to ‘play up’ a level.
We feel strongly that our Green Team and Development League players should be striving all season long to build the skill set necessary to compete for playing time at the next level within MD Swish.

Keeping our teams and coaches together helps our program to maintain consistency. That being said, we do not guarantee any spots season to season. Players are expected to try out and compete for their spot each season. We also select players to build the best team, which doesn’t always mean the best nine players will be kept together. Our coaches will need to balance talent with player positions when selecting their teams, each season.

Tentative Summer Tournament Schedule

ALL games for MD SWISH will be played LOCALLY, to prevent high hotel and travel fees. Every Season, all year round. Each tournament has a 2-3 game guarantee for each weekend.
We will be committing to the following tournaments for Summer 2024:

June 29-30

2024 MD Flames - Red, White and Blue Tournament

18031 Central Park Circle Boyds, MD

July 5-7

Crossover Hoops National 4 Game Guarantee

18031 Central Park Circle Boyds, MD

July 20-21

Crossover Hoops Global Challenge

18031 Central Park Circle Boyds, MD

August 24-25

Pro-Fit Invitational

4960 Boiling Brook Pkwy Rockville, MD

Development League

If your child tries out, and is not selected for a team, rest assured we have a plan for them!
We are reserving 32 slots for our Development League under MD Swish. Your child will still get their supervised skill/ practice time, as well as exhibition matches against other clubs and 3v3, EVERY single weekend of the season.
The purpose of the Developmental League is to keep your child in the program, with the goal being to make one of the two teams per age group next season!


For an entire season, which includes:
The price for participation would be just $250 per month, over the course of 3 months. Discounts available for booking the season in full, upfront for your child!


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Read What Our Players Say

Amalia Virabyan
Amalia Virabyan
I recently had the pleasure of visiting this basketball playing facility with my son, who has been attending since February. I must say, we have both been thoroughly impressed with the experience. The coaches here, Devin, Edwin, David, and Nick, are incredibly knowledgeable, well-mannered, attentive, encouraging, and supportive. They not only know how to teach the skills effectively but also genuinely care about the progress and development of their students. What sets this facility apart is the dedication of the coaches to provide personalized feedback after each lesson. This level of attention to detail and commitment to improvement is truly commendable. Since my son started training here, we have seen great progress in his skills and overall performance on the court. Overall, I highly recommend this basketball facility to anyone looking to improve their game. And we sincerely hope that the facility will maintain this excellent level of experience in the future!
Ibrahim Oladotun
Ibrahim Oladotun
Very professionally and highly skilled trainers. Great attention to details
Andrea Purse
Andrea Purse
My daughter participated in the three on three series and had a great experience, so we bought a set of private sessions. Every single coach is friendly, knowledgeable and very skilled not just at basketball but at teaching the game well. I think she learned more in three private sessions than in her entire first two years of playing. Cannot recommend highly enough.
josh barr
josh barr
Julian and his team of coaches are the best. Not only will your children become better players, they also will enjoy the process!
Jarmeya Kelly
Jarmeya Kelly
Julian and his team does a great job preparing my son in the office season. I come here for the private trainings sessions and I will continue to come. I found this place through a google search and they have exceeded my expectations. They work with children through all levels of development. Great job fellas 👏🏽
Tsoghig Maryann Hekimian
Tsoghig Maryann Hekimian
Pro-Fit Basketball training exceeded all of my expectations. Highly skilled and kind trainers teaching exactly the skills my child needs to be a highly skilled basketball player. The trainers teach the basics to far far beyond the basics. I played basketball in high school and the training in one day that my daughter received was at a higher level than anything I learned in high school. I am so impressed with the trainers, David especially and Nate was so sweet to welcome us as we walked in. Dribbling, ball handling, faking out, jump shots, all these important skills were covered in one one-hour long lesson. Also the owner Julian was so responsive to me via text and phone, it has been a PLEASURE working with him. I cannot recommend this basketball training facility highly enough. This place is my 16 year old self's dream come true. I could have actually turned into my favorite player Charles Barkley if this place existed 30 years ago.
yazan jarrar
yazan jarrar
Best training facility in the DMV. We tried many locations and my 11 year old son connected well with the coaches and elevated his game. Keep it up